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I specialize in assisting you in every aspect of your life whether your missing a lost loved one, trouble in your marriage, or needing to make a decision about a job. I am able to gain insight into your life and help you navigate the troubled waters of this world, so if you are interested in a private session, please submit your information below to schedule an appointment.


Thank you for your business, for your convenience, we happily accept payment via Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover®, and all sessions must be pre-paid. In consideration for other clients, we do ask that you give us at least a 24-hour cancellation notice.

Please click on the calendar link to schedule your session, then you can pay for it by using one of the links below. 

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I do not limit sessions to a certain time because spirits can sometimes be unpredictable, so I don’t like to put them on a time limit. Also, please keep in mind that God gives us the gift of free will, therefore my services as a Spiritual Adviser are for direction and guidance only, client’s must take responsibility for their own choices in life.


Individual Session$75.00 per session


Group Session – $225.00 for up to 10 people 


Other Services Offered: 

Corporate Consulting                            $125.00 per hour                              Fill out the form below for more details

Monthly Corporate Consulting           $2500 per month (Unlimited)       Fill out the form below for more details

Monthly Personal Coaching               $1500 per month (Unlimited)         Fill out the form below for more details



*All sales are final and there will not be any refunds issued once sessions are booked.