About Me

 Hello and Thank You for visiting my page!


My name is Tonya Holman and I am a normal everyday wife and mom of 5 beautifully amazing gifts from God. I live in a small town in Texas and spend the majority of my time just like any other mom, cooking, cleaning, homework, and shuttling kids all over the metroplex.  We attend Football Games on Saturday’s and Church on Sunday’s, normal everyday American family, with one small exception….. 

I believe God has chosen me for the gift of Mediumship. I feel that my role as a Medium is a little bit different than most, I believe my purpose is to help advance the Kingdom of God by helping people to understand that there really is more to this world than meets the eye. There really is a Heaven, and our loved ones that have passed on, are still with us.

I also believe that God gave me this gift to help Christians not be afraid of this type of work. It has been such a taboo for so long, that most Christians are afraid that it is the work of the devil, when it could not be more opposite. Now, I am not saying there are not those out there who get their information from negative energies, because there are and you should always be cautious about those individuals, however, the majority of mediums like me, get our information from God, Angels, and Spirit Guides which are all Heavenly sent messages.